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Parikrma Football Champians League 2012 - 2013 Event Information

The second edition of the Parikrma Football Champions League takes center stage on 3rd Oct 2012. The organization had seen a lot of color in its inaugural year graced by the presence of the legend Bhaichung Bhutia. The whole stadium will be filled with students cheering on their schools. The stadium will come to life unlike other football tournaments that happen. A great initiative by the Parikrma Foundation give a chance for school children to showcase their talents.

9:35Farook Higher Secondary School - Ryan International High School5-0Shahid Ali C 8, Hameem Jamal A.K. 16,49
Afsal K.K. 39, Anis K. 48
10:40Inventure Academy - Karnataka Vidyashala5-0Tej Veer Rekhi 3; Nirvair Nair 12,29
Anant Bondre 20, Tejesh Todi 49
11:45Regina Mundi High School - Indus International School2-1Regina Mundi: Fernando Da Costa Araujo 9, Ronil Azabedo 31
Indus : Suraj Iyer 50
12:50Delhi Public School - Parikrma Centre for Learning0-4Prashant Esswar 2, 46, Sunil M, 23, 30
13:55Army Boys School - Greenwood High International5-0Rajib Dey 9, MD Ranjak 24, O Gautam 39
C Samananda 48, T Surjakanta 49
15:00Frank Anthony Public School - Mallya Aditi International School1-3MAI:Siddarth Rao 16; Sharan Menon 24, 30
FAPS: Numaan Ahmed 39
16:05DYSS Sports School - K V Jalahalli School
17:10Indian Airlines Ideal School - The International School Bangalore

9:00Inventure Academy - Ryan International4-0Ahaan Bharadwaj 9, Nirvair Nair 18,29,34
10:05Karnataka Vidyashala - Farook Higher Secondary School0-13N D, 4,7,46, Afsal K.K. 19,35,40; Hameem Jamal A.K. 25,47, Adhil Prakash 29,31; Muhammed Rizwan A 32?; Paramesh K 41, Tony Mathew 49
11:10Delhi Public School - Indus International School0-3Dhruk Marwadi 3; Jai Kiran 15; Thananchai Singhthakral 42
12:15Parikrma Centre for Learning - Regina Mundi High School1-0Nehminlen Haokip 17
13:20Inventure Academy - Farook Higher Secondary School0-5Hameem Jamal A.K. 16,28,32,38, Amal George 34
14:25Karnataka Vidyashala - Ryan International0-2A Srinivasan, 31,S. Mishoa 40
15:30Delhi Public School - Regina Mundi High School0-4Viraj Naik 9, 48, Aliston Vaz 15, Delroy Pereira, 28
16:35Parikrma Centre for Learning - Indus International School2-0Huidrom Amarjit Singh 16, Sunil M 22

9:00Frank Anthony Public School - Greenwood High International0-1Kieron 32
10:05Mallya Aditi International School - ASC Boys School0-4W Niraj Singh 33,46,47, O Gautam Singh 36
11:10Indian Airlines Ideal School - K V Jalahalli School
12:15The International School Bangalore - DYSS Sports School0-7Magesh S 7,17,19, Hemanth Kumar 9, Manimaran R. 12, 45 Prashanth R 31
13:20Frank Anthony Public School - ASC Boys School0-5Magesh S 7,17,19,Hemanth Kumar 9; Manimaran R 12, 45, Prashanth 31
14:25Mallya Aditi International School - Greenwood High International1-0Ashwin Bala 9(Red carded)
15:30Indian Airlines Ideal School - DYSS Sports School
16:35The International School Bangalore - K V Jalahalli School

TimeQuarter FinalsScoreScorers
9:00Regina Mundi - Farook Higher Secondary School1-0Viraj Naik 34
10:05Inventure Academy - Parikrma0(4)-0(3) PENInventure Academy: Veer, Tanish, Nirvair, Pranav 
Parikrma:Lamgoulal, Nehminlen, Amarjit

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