Football coaching in Banalore - Bdfa Bangalore Super division

Indian Football - Dream United Football Academy chooses a path less taken in developing players.

Dream United Football Academy played the BDFA Super Division for the first time in 2018. We were just a developmental football academy in Bangalore since 2010.

Here is a glimpse of the journey that led us to where we are now.


Where did the idea of playing the Bangalore Super Division come from?

Abhishek Jagan, Badrinath Rao and Sharath Kamath structured the residential football academy and put together a plan that would allow player development at a very fast rate.

The processes we put together were coming from a formidable expertise and a vast experience from working across different sports in different countries.

When we started, we were clear that we should first be able to make an impact in the local Indian league scenario. The base minimum for a youth development team was to compete in the Bangalore Super Division.  

What were some of the goals for the season?

The primary goal was player development which was given more emphasis throughout the league as a young squad was consistently fielded against seasoned professional teams. The coaches were determined to prioritise player development over match results. This vision goes on as the number of academy players in the senior team has increased significantly.

Our promise is to play attractive football. We believe we have achieved that in fine style. The quality of the goals we scored was drawing a crowd to the stadium to watch the young and eccentric team ply their trade for the first time ever in Bangalore Super Division, an enormous challenge for the same squad that had been competing in Bangalore C division for the previous 3 years.   

We managed to get points off most top teams and our job was done within the first 5 games. Once safety was in sight, we didnt bother about winning more matches or finishing higher up in the league.

As a part of their development, the academy players were assigned different positions and made to play in various formations such as 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3 and even 3-5-2. Rahul Acharya, one of the youngest captains in the league, at the age of 19, played 10 different positions in 13 games.

“Last year I was selected to play U18 I-League but playing Bangalore Super Division is a better platform than the Elite League.” - Aditya Rautela, who was the top scorer for Dream United FC at the age of 18. 

“They have definitely punched over their weight. I have known Dream United for the past 4 years. They have been participating in The Amateur League for the past 4 seasons. One of the biggest upsets of the season was Dream United FC beating MEG, who has won Bangalore Super Division several times, could not match up to the pace, skill and stamina of the players who were part of Dream United. They were one of the youngest teams in 

Bangalore Super Division and also one of the most low budgeted teams this season.” - Kishore Reddy, Founder of The Amateur League.

“Giving opportunities to youngsters is very important because that is what is lacking in this country. Not many guys of 17-18 years get to play in Super Division, or they will be benched or they wont have the chance to play.” - Chethan Kumar, former Indian football team player.

What is the philosophy at Dream United?

Winning or losing was never on the agenda. It was only about player development. This was a very well planned academy team structure which took 3 years of training as a residential football academy in order to help them compete at a level as Super Division which is comparable to any of the top leagues in our country. 

“Every player we signed was playing Super Division for the first time. I was the only one who had played Super Division in this team and I ended playing not even a single match in the full league. My players were better than myself. It required a lot of guts to buy our way through and compete with no established players. We are not even funded like most of our counterparts. It is common thought to believe Indian football lacks physical ability. We ensured we bridge that gap in the first few years, we have been able to achieve that. Development happens fastest when you put youth players against senior teams. This can only be done when you prioritise development over winning. Every coach is always so hellbent on winning that they often neglect development of players.” - Sharath Kamath, Founder of Dream United Football Academy, Bangalore. 

“After working hard for 1 year, I was given a fair chance and this year I made it to the Super Division team.” - Aleen Chakma, our 19 year old young and speedy forward. 

“I have been training with the academy since 1 year and I was watching these guys from the stands. I have learnt a lot here and at the age of 17, I am getting a chance to play BDFA Super Division this year.” - Alfaz Mustafa, one of the youngest academy graduates. 

Our goals for the upcoming season

It was only about playing more and more academy players and as that was the motive behind playing Super Division and establishing a grassroots football academy as well as youth football academy in the first place. The goal does not change much, what was 12 academy players last year is 16 now. Average age of the team was 21, it is 19 now. We even managed to play a 15 year old in the league. This year we have more exciting young players coming through. A lot is expected from us this year, not in terms of points or wins. Our biggest win will be to score fantastic goals like last season and continue to play a brand of high pressing football.

“I left everything back home and left my education and came to Bangalore to play the Bangalore Super Division last year and I had a good learning experience last year. I was scouted by a few other clubs in Bangalore but I chose to stay here and give it a shot for one more year, so we are looking at a better season this year.” Jigme, one of the oldest players at the residential academy in Bangalore, who came to the academy as a young inexperienced player and is now one of the core players of the Super Division squad.


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