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Federarion Cup 2012 Event Information

There is a long history for Federation cup. It started in the year 1977, back then it was most prestigous tournament. It was called as NFL when it started. Now Federation cup is the second biggest tournament after I-League. Teams participating in this tournament take immense pride as the winning club gets a chance to compete in the conitinental level in AFC Cup. In the last year competition Salgaocar beat East Bengal, becoming the first non-Kolkatta club to win the premier domestic cup in Indian football since Mahindra United in 2005.

13/09/20124:00 PMAizawl FC-HAL5-1
15/09/20124:00 PMHAL-MOHAMMEDAN SC0-4
Qualifier- Mohammedan SC 

12/09/20124:00 PMKalighat MS-Royal Wahingdoh6-0
14/09/20124:00 PMVasco SC-Kalighat MS1-4
16/09/20124:00 PMVasco SC-Royal Wahingdoh2-4
Qualifier - Kalighat MS 


19 /09/ 20123:00 PMDempo SC-Pailan Arrows1-1Pailan Arrows:Holicharan-52
Dempo-Clifford Miranda-61
19/09/ 20123:00 PMMumbai FC - Shillong Lajong1-2Shillong Lajong:John-43(PEN),82
Mumbai FC:Opara 45
21/09/ 20123:00 PMPailan Arrows - Mumbai FC2-2Mumbai FC:Opara
Pailan Arrows :Deepak,Ganesh
21/09/ 20123:00 PMShillong Lajong - Dempo SC0-1Dempo: Clifford Miranda
23/09/ 20123:00 PMPailan Arrows - Shillong Lajong2-1Pailan Arrows:Holicharan-17,Probir-68
Shillong Lajong:Sukore-20
23/09/ 20123:00 PMMumbai FC - Dempo SC0-4Clifford Miranda,Koko(hat trick)

Points Table
Dempo SC321061+57
Pailan Arrows312054+15
Shillong Lajong31115504
Mumbai FC301238-51

20/09/20123:00 PMSalgaocar SC - Prayag United1-0Salgoacar:Anthony D Souza-65
20/09/20123:00 PMPune FC - United Sikkim1-0Pune FC:Jeje-51
22/09/20123:00 PMPrayag United - Pune FC1-1Prayag:Carlos Harnandez-13
Pune FC:Arata-62
22/09/20123:00 PMUnited Sikkim - Salgaocar SC0-3Salgacar:Angel Guardio-2,Nicolau Colaco-81
24/09/20123:00 PMPrayag United - United Sikkim2-0Prayag: Mohd.Rafiq-4,16
24/09/20123:00 PMPune FC - Salgaocar SC2-1Salgaocar: Luciano Sabrosa-7,Anthony D souza-26
Pune FC:Douhou-12

Points Table
Salgaocar SC330061+56
Pune FC31113304
Prayag United311132+14
United Sikkim300306-40

Semi-Final27th Sep 2012Jamshedpur
Dempo SC v Salgacar SC


20/09/20123:00 PMFC Air India-Mohammedan SC0-1Mohammedan SC: Mohd.Muktar-55
20/09/20127:00 PMChurchill Brothers - Mohun Bagan AC0-0
22/09/20123:00 PMMohammedan SC - Churchill Brothers1-5Mohd Sporting:Sunday 38
Churchill:Bilal-13,Bineesh Balan-29
22/09/20127:00 PMMohun Bagan - Air India0-2Air India:Omagbimario-28,Henry-85
24/09/20123:00 PMMohun Bagan - Mohammedan SC2-1Mohun Bagan:S.Sabeeth-49,Manish Maithani-52
Mohd Sporting:David 63
24/09/ 20127:00 PMAir India-Churchill Brothers4-0Churchill:Henry-22,Beto-65,Mograbi-84,Bikramjeet-90

Points Table
Churchill Brothers321091+87
Mohun Bagan311123-11
FC Air India310225-33
Mohammedan SC310137-43

21/09/ 20123:00 PMONGC - Kalighat MS5-1ONGC : Sachin Gawas-31,Onyema-36,39
Kalighat:James Jiblee-15
21/09/20127:00 PMSporting Clube De Goa - East Bengal Club1-1East Bengal: Chidi Edeh-9(PEN)
Sporting Clube: Victorino Fernandez-82
23/09/20123:00 PMKalighat MS - Sporting Clube De Goa2-3Kalighat:Christopher-38,72
Sporting Clube:Piexoto-13,42,Dawson-44
23/09/20127:00 PMEast Bengal Club - ONGC2-1East Bengal:Chidi Edeh-45,Manandeep-80
25/09/20123:00 PMEast Bengal Club - Kalighat MS4-3
25/09/20127:00 PMONGC - Sporting Clube De Goa2-1

Points Table
East Bengal Club321075+27
Sporting Clube De Goa31115504
Kalighat MS3003612-60

East Bengal: Ralte-111
Semi-Final27th Sep 2012Siliguri
Churchill Brothers V East Bengal Club0-0 ET 0-1

Semi-Final27/09/ 2012Siliguri
Dempo SC V Salgaocar2-0Dempo SC: Joaquim Abranches,Koko Sakibo

Final,30th Sep 2012,SiliguriScoreScorers
Dempo SC - East Bengal3-2Dempo:Climax Lawrence 51,Mahesh Gawli-111
East Bengal:Arnab Mondal-60, Manandeep Singh-100,Edeh Chidi-109

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