BDFA Bangalore A Division football league 2019-2020

BDFA A Division Team League 2019-2020

FC Deccan 971133102322
Young Challengers97112391422
Jawahar Union 9432139415
Bangalore Gunners94051613312
CIL 93151316-310
BTM FC9117527-224

BDFA Bangalore A Division


Bangalore A Division Fixtures





Match Report

04-11-20192:30FC Deccan  V/s Parikrama 2 - 2FC Deccan: Don Bosco-16, Arvind-31 
Parikrama: Chiranjeevi-8, Sunil Manjunath-27 
04-11-20193:45RWF FC V/s Bangalore Gunners FC1 - 0
05-11-20192:30 Jawahar Union FC V/s Postal Dept FC1 - 1Jawahar Union: Prakash-12
Postal: Dheeraj-5 
05-11-20193:45CIL FC V/s BUFC1-1CIL: Vivek-61 
BUFC: Premkumar-64 
06-11-20192:30Young Challengers  V/s BTM FC United 4 - 0Young Challengers: (Yogith-23, Murali Joseph-32, Tony-59, Ayush-66 
06-11-20193:45FC Deccan V/s RWF FC6 - 0 FC Deccan:KD Arvind-1, Aftab-10, Surya-43, 48, 51, Stevin-67
07-11-20192:30 Bangalore Gunners V/s Parikrama 1 - 0Bangalore Gunners: Arivili-26, Fernando-35+1, Vijay-41, 70
Parikrama:(Manoj Kumar-28
07-11-20193:45CIL FC V/s Jawahar Union 0-2Jawahar Union:Saiminlen Haokip-43, Arpith-52
11-11-20192:30FC Deccan V/s Bangalore Gunners FC4-1FC Deccan: Surya-10, 29, 52, Vijay-22
Bangalore Gunners: Saravana-14  
11-11-20193:45Parikrama  V/s Postal 4-0Parikrama: Prashanth-8, 9, Prakash-35+1, Tarun-70 
12-11-20192:30CIL V/s RWF4 -3CIL: (Praksh-3, Stephen-16, Raghu-41, Kingsley-60 
 RWF: Rajesh-20, 34, 43
12-11-20193:45Young Challengers V/s Jawahar Union 2 - 0 Young Challengers: Ayush-54, Abhishek-70+1
14-11-20192:30FC Deccan  V/s BUFC2 - 0FC Deccan: Antony Dizo-49, KD Arvind-60 
14-11-20193:45Parikrama V/s BTM FC0 - 0
15-11-20192:30RWF FC V/s Young Challengers1 - 1RWF:Rajesh-70+3 
Young Challengers :Ayush-17
15-11-20193:45 Bangalore Gunners V/s Postal4 - 0 Bangalore Gunners:Vijay-28, 56, Arivoli-33, Vishnu-64
18-11-20192:30 Jawahar Union V/s Parikrama1 - 1Jawahar Union: Jordan-35
18-11-20193:45 CIL  V/s FC Deccan2 - 4FC Deccan: Surya-20, 56 KD Arvind-30, 52 
CIL: Prakash-64, Kingsely-70+2 
19-11-20192:30BUFC V/s BTM FC5 - 0BUFC:Tijo-10, Keita-27, 45, 53, Chinedu-54 
19-11-20193:45 RWF FC  V/s Postal FC3- 2RWF: Rakesh-23, Rajesh-53, Jayavandan-70
Postal: Shaheeb-4, Dheeraj-70+3
20-11-20192:30Young Challengers  V/s Bangalore  Gunners2-1Young Challengers:  Ayush-30 Kiran-49 
Bangalore Gunners: Vijay-19 
20-11-20193:45Jawahar Union V/s  FC Deccan2 - 1Jawahar Union: Nikhil-32,Sonu-48 
FC Deccan: KD Arvind-5 
21-11-20192:30CIL V/s Parikrma 2 - 1CIL:Prakash-66, Prashanth-12 [OG])
Parikrama: Vigneshwar-49 
21-11-20193:45RWF FC  V/s BTM FC2 - 0RWF:  Ajay-31, Sugandar-49
22-11-20192:30Postal FC V/s BUFC 2 - 1Postal: Arvind-67, Kaushik-70 
BUFC: (Keita-30 
25-11-20192:30BUFC V/s Jawahar Union 3 - 2BUFC:Keita-25, 70+4 Arpit-30 
Jawahar Union:Shelton-59, Nikhil-70+2
25-11-20193:45CIL  V/s Bangalore Gunners 1 - 0 CIL: Raghavendra-54 
26-11-20192:30Postal Dept V/s FC Deccan0 - 1FC Deccan: Anthony Dsouza-46

26-11-20193:45Young Challengers V/s Parikrama 1 - 0Young Challengers: Joshuv 
27-11-20192:30BTM FC V/s Bangalore Gunners 1 - 2Bangalore Gunners: Fernando-38, Narendra-13 
BTM FC: Vijay-46 
27-11-20193:45RWF FC  V/s BUFC --
28-11-20193:45Young Challengers   V/s CIL 4 - 1Young Challengers: Murali Joseph-58, Joshuv Daniel-64, Rajan-67, 70
CIL: Raghavendra-36
2-12-20192:30FC Deccan V/s  Young Challengers FC 5 - 2FC Deccan: (Surya-7 18, 38, Antony Dsouza-27, Praveen-36
Young Challangers: Murali Joseph-35+1, Sherton-51 
2-12-20193:45Jawahar Union  V/s BTM FC 3 - 0Jawahar Union: Nikhil-18, 63, Kharow-39
3-12-20192:30 RWF FC V/s Parikrama 2 - 1RWF:Aswin-6, Keneth-70 
Parikrma: Prakash-69 
3-12-20193:45Postal FC V/s CIL 2 - 1Postal:Alex-41, Subba-49 
CIL: Kingsely-19 
4-12-20192:30Bangalore Gunners V/s BUFC
5-12-20192:30FC Deccan V/s BTM FC 8 - 1FC Deccan: Surya-2, 20, 40, 61, 70, Ravi-34, Vishnu-43, Nathan-66 
BTM FC:Barry-22
5-12-20193:45Postal  V/s Young Challengers 0 - 5Young Challengers: Tony-3, 8, 63, Saravana-21, Rajan-46 
6-12-20192:30RWF FC V/s Jawahar Union 1 - 1RWF:Satishkumar-72
Jawahar Union: Shameem-1

6-12-20193:45Parikrama V/s BUFC 2 - 0Parikrma: Nehminlen-45, Prakash-67
09-12-20192:30BTM FC  V/s CIL FC2 - 0BTM FC: Srinath-7 Dembangshu-45
09-12-20193:30Jawahar Union  V/s Bangalore Gunners1 - 0Jawahar Union: Kharow Kupar-48
10-12-20192:30Postal V/s BTM FC2 - 1 Postal: Steven-45, Janardhan-70 
 BTM FC: Debangshu-12
10-12-20193:45Young Challengers  V/s BUFC 2 - 1Young Challengers:Govardha-51 [OG], Ayush-54
11-12-20192:30Bangalore  Gunners  V/s BUFC0 - 1BUFC: Arpit-38

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