BDFA Bangalore A Division football league 2018-2019

League Table

FC Deccan95222415917
Income Tax8431147715
Young Challengers93151311210
RS Sports8125818-105

BDFA Bangalore A Division


Bangalore A Division Fixtures





Match Report

21-10-20181:30Postal V/s DYES 1 - 0Postal : Westley-58 [P] 
22-10-20181:30AGORC v/s RWF 2 - 0AGORC:N S Manju-53, Pradeep Kumar-75
23-10-20181:30 Parikrma  Humanity Foundation V/s Postal 1 - 0Parikrma  Humanity Foundation:Prakash-46 
24-10-20181:30FC Deccan V/s RS Sports 1-1FC Deccan:Vikram-68
RS Sports: Richard-46 
25-10-20181:30BUFC V/s Young Challengers1- 0BUFC:Siddaharth-72
26-10-20181:30Income Tax V/s DYES2 - 0 Income Tax: Satish-62, Shiva Kumar-77
27-10-20181:30 RS Sports V/s RWF1 - 0RWF :Prakash-45
28-10-20181:30 Parikrma Humanity Foundation V/s AGORC1-1Parikrama:Santhosh-1
AGORC: NS Manju-6 
29-10-20181:30FC Deccan V/s Young Challengers3-1FC Deccan: Balaram-14, Uday-56, Surya-73
Young Challengers: Praveen-67  
30-10-20181:30Income Tax V/s BUFC1-1Income Tax: Ahmed-10
BUFC: Lalbiak Famkima-30 
31-10-20181:30AGORC V/s DYES5 -0AGORC: Satish Kabad-12, 20, Aayash Khosy-29, 73, Govardan-81
1-11-20181:30RWF V/s Parikrma Humanity Foundation1 - 1 RWF: Satish-4 
 Parikrama: Cheeranjeevi-23
2-11-20181:30Young Challengers V/s RS Sports4 - 0Young Challengers: Arivu-13, Bharath-65, Nadeem-80+2, 80+3  
3-11-20181:30BUFC V/s FC Deccan2 - 4BUFC:Valenting-43,Siddarth-62
FC Deccan:Sherwin-24, Surya-40, 60 78
4-11-20181:30Income Tax V/s AGORC1 - 1 Income Tax:Ahmed-10
 BUFC: Lalbiak Famkima-30
5-11-20181:30 DYES V/s Parikrma Humanity Foundation
6-11-20181:30 Young Challengers V/s RWF0 - 1RWF:Satish Kumar-24
7-11-20181:30 BUFC V/s RS Sports3 - 1 BUFC:Chinudu-7,16, Keita-77
 RS Sports:Surya-53 
9-11-20181:30Income Tax V/s FC Deccan3 - 2 Income Tax: Kingsley-60, J Prasad-61, Joseph Daniel-70
FC Deccan: Sherwin-11,Uday-50
10-11-20181:30 DYES V/s Young Challengers0 - 5 Young Challengers: Nadeem-15, 40, 48, Binoy-75, Muthu Selvam-80+1 
11-11-20181:30Postal V/s FC Deccan1 - 1Postal: Prashant-22 
AGORC: Santhosh Kabbadi-36  
12-11-20181:30BUFC V/s Parikrama0 - 3Parikrama:Prakash-16, Chiranjeevi-47, Satminlen-80+1
13-11-20181:30FC Deccan V/s RWF2 - 2FC Deccan:Nagaraj-2, Surya-70+4 
RWF:Ajay-3, Satishkumar-15 
14-11-20181:30RS Sports V/s Postal1 - 1RS Sports: Uday Kumar-26
15-11-20181:30Income Tax V/s Young Challengers 2 - 0Income Tax: Kingsley-24, Austin-90+4 
16-11-20181:30DYES V/s RWF 2 - 1DYES: Dheeraj-53, Ompraksh-74 
24-11-20181:30AGORC V/s Young Challengers 2 - 0Income Tax: Kingsley-24, Austin-90+4 

27-11-20181:30AGORC V/s Young Challengers 3 - 0AGORC: NS Manju-7, Santhosh Kabadi-34, 70 
28-11-20181:30Income Tax V/s RWF 4 - 1Income Tax:Shivaprasad-5, 68, Kingsley-56, J Prasad-68 
RWF: Bhaskar-80   
29-11-20181:30BUFC V/s Postal 2 - 1BUFC: Islom-4, Chinedu-10 
Postal: (Subba-2, Varadaraj-30, 42, 67 
30-11-20181:30FC Deccan  V/s Parikrama 4- 2 FC Deccan:Vigneshwaran-18, 75, Surya-40+1, Uday-80+2 
Parikrama: Prakash-40+1, Chiranjeevi-78 
1-12-20181:30RS Sports V/s  DYES 3 - 2RS Sports:Surya-56, 62, Naveen-72 
DYES:Sharanappa-13, Dheeraj-40+2  
2-12-20181:30Income Tax V/s Postal 1 - 2Income Tax: Shiva Prasad-28 
Postal:Wesley-22, Janardhana-33  
3-12-20181:30AGORC V/s RS Sports  3 - 1DYES: Dheeraj-53, Ompraksh-74 
5-12-20181:30Young Challengers V/s Parikrama 3 - 1Young Challengers: Vishnu-30, Nadeem-40, Praveen-50 
Parikrama: Chiranjeevi-16 

6-12-20181:30RWF V/s BUFC 3 - 0 BUFC: Keita-5 Chiendo-29, Famkima-48  
7-12-20181:30Postal  V/s FC Deccan 3- 5Postal: Varadarajan-6, 72, 75  
FC Deccan:Vigneswaran-4, 50, Surya-53, 63, Vikram-80
8-12-20181:30Income Tax V/s RS Sports 2 - 1DYES: Dheeraj-53, Ompraksh-74 
10-12-20181:30BUFC V/s AGORC 
11-12-20181:30FC Deccan V/s DYES3 - 0 FC Deccan:Vignesh-24, Surya-39, Vikram-53 
11-12-20183:30DYES V/s RWF
12-12-20181:30Young Challengers V/s Postal 0 - 0
13-12-20181:30Income Tax V/s  Parikrama0 - 0 
14-12-20181:30Postal V/s RWF0- 1RWF: Deepak-55
15-12-20181:30Parikrama V/s RS Sports3- 1Parikrama: Jordon Len-4, Chiranjeevi-9, Nandha-23 
RS Sports:Ajay-19 

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