BDFA Bangalore Super Division 2011-12

Event Information

Bangalore Super Division League features the top ten teams of Bangalore affiliated to the BDFA competing for the George Hoover Trophy. The league would be played in a single leg format where all the teams play each other once. All the matches shall be played at the Bangalore Football Stadium, Ashok Nagar. Areronautical Development and Establishment( ADE) and Students Union are the newly promoted sides. While ADE have had tasted success at this stage before, Students Union are the first timers in the division. Hindustan Aeronauticals Limited(HAL) are the most successful team out of the 10 teams with the highest number of league titles under their belt. Bharath Earth Movers Limited (KGF ACADEMY), after their recent upgradation according to the AFC Club Licencing criteria are looking to turn one over HAL. Army Service Corps (ASC), after a good show in the previous edition of the league are a force to be reckoned with.Madras Engineering Group (MEG) are the current holders of the title. They start the defense of their title as favorites to retain it.Karnataka State Police (KSP) have not been in the top three since the 2008/09 season. They will be keen to better this statistic. Bharath Electronics Limited(BEL) and Controllerate of Inspection Electronics(CIL) start as relegation favorites with a poor show in the last season. Postal Department have recruited more promising players this year and look to be a formidable force. The Bangalore Super Division League shall kick off on 19th March 2012. We, at Dream United provide you live scores and match reports for all the league games. Bookmark this space for an exciting league through our eyes. The Bangalore Super Division team standing is given below.

   League Table

KGF ACADEMY(Champion)9711269+1722
Postal Department93421210+211
Students Union FC93601322-99

Bangalore Super Division Fixtures





Match Report

19th March 20123:30KGF ACADEMY-CILTBPMatch postponed due to protest by referees owing to security reasons.
20th March 20123:30HAL-BEL3-0Scorers: HAL: Deepak Prakash-36,Abdul Hamza-79,Malemnganba Kshetrimayum-80
1st June 20123:30KGF ACADEMY-CIL2-0KGF Academy:
Rajesh(jr)- 11, Kalander-82
2nd June 20123:30HAL-ADE2-1HAL:
VinodKumar-12 R.C.Prakash-31
ADE: Sridharan-82
3rd June 20123:30KSP - HAL1-1KSP:
HAL: Jagadis (PEN)-20
4th June 20123:30ASC-POSTAL0-2Postal:Gopi-18,36
5TH jUNE 20123:30HAL-Students Union0-1Students Union:
Shamanth Gowda-68
6th June 20123:30MEG-BEL1-0MEG:
Ajiraj Philip- 43
7th June 20123:30HAL-POSTAL3-2HAL:
Jagadish (Pen)- 15, Karthigayen-80, RC Prakash-86
8th June 20123:30KGF ACADEMY-ADE1-1KGF Academy:
9th June 20123:30CIL-Students Union2-1CIL:
Pratheep-14, Manoj-28
Students Union:
10th June 20123:30HAL-ASC0-0
11th June 20123:30KSP-BEL3-1KSP:
Sampath-2, Arun-18, Pradeep BV-82
12th June 20123:30HAL-CIL1-0HAL:
13th June 20123:30MEG-ADE1-0MEG:
14th June 20123:30HAL-KGF ACADEMY4-2HAL:
Ajitkumar Singh-52, 77, RC Prakash-58 (pen), 76
KGF Academy:
Khalander-22 (pen), Stephen-43
15th June 20123:30POSTAL Department -Students Union1-2Postal Department:
Gopi- 70
Students Union:
Philip Babalola- 69,81
16th June 20123:30BEL-ASC0-1ASC:
Sreejith- 35
17th June 20123:30HAL-MEG3-2HAL:
Jagadish Papiah-59, Samuel-61,87
Ajiraj-9, Ramu- 36
18th June 20123:30KSP-ADE0-1ADE:
19th June 20123:30KGF ACADEMY-POSTAL1-0KGF Academy:
20th June 20123:30CIL-BEL3-0CIL:
Pradeep-28, Sanoj-29, 61
21st June 20123:30MEG-Students Union4-1MEG:
Girish-2, Nungerilal Hmar-19, Lokeshwar Singh-20, Suman-56
Students Union:
Philip Babalola-84
22nd June 20123:30ASC-ADE1-1ASC
23rd June 20123:30Postal Department-BEL5-1Postal Department
Gopi-6,20,73, ArunPandey-76, Sharath-80
24th June 20123:30KGF ACADEMY-KSP3-0KGF Academy
Stephen-5, Rajesh-30,44
25th June 20123:30ASC-CIL4-0ASC:
Nitesh Baraily-14, Ramchandran-37, 56, Ashit Hardar-90
26th June 20123:30KSP-Students Union2-1KSP:
Venkatesh-46, Sampath Kumar-57
Students Union:
Philip Babalola-67
27th June 20123:30MEG-POSTAL0-0
28th June 20123:30BEL-ADE0-3ADE:
Shridhar-5, Rajkiran-26, 58
29th June 20123:30ASC-Students Union6-2ASC:
Nitesh Barialy-26, 90, Ramachandran-33, Jotin Singh-76,77,87
Students Union:
Arun-43, Shamanth Gowda-47
30th June 20123:30KSP-CIL2-0KSP:
Arunkumar-45+1, Sampathkumar-72
1st July 20123:30KGF ACADEMY-MEG2-0KGF Academy:
2nd July 20123:30POSTAL-ADE0-3ADE:
Ricky-9(OG), Manivanan-42, Rajkiran-54
3rd July 20123:30BEL-Students Union0-3Students Union:
Philip-53, Arun-59, Praveen-62
5th July 20123:30KSP-POSTAL0-2Postal Department:
Sharath-82, Arun Pandian-86
6th July 20123:30BEL-KGF ACADEMY1-8BEL:
KGF Academy:
Stephen-6, 50, 76, Khalander-37, 41(pen), Rajesh Jr.-65, 69, 85(pen)
7th July 20123:30ADE-Students Union2-1ADE:
Shridharan-10, Murugan-30 Manivanan-86
Students Union:
Jay Vandan-45
9th July 20124:00POSTAL-CIL0-0
10th July 20124:00KGF ACADEMY-Students Union4-1KGF Academy:
Stephen-51, 59, Murugappan-81, Rooming-83
Students Union:
Philip Babalola-87
11th July 20123:30CIL-ADE0-1ADE:
13th July 20124:00MEG-KSP0-0
14th July 20124:00ASC-KGF ACADEMY2-3KGF Academy:
Murugappan-4, Amoes-41, Stephen-42
Jotin Singh-79,90
17th Jluy 20124:00ASC-KSP0-1KSP:
18th July 20124:00CIL-MEG0-4MEG:
Ajiraj-35th,Pratab-60th,63rd,Jiten Meitei-79th.
19th July 20124:00ASC-MEG0-0

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