BDFA Bangalore C Division Football League 2011-2012

Event Informatio

BDFA C Division For the year 2011-12 will commence on Sunday , 19th August at Bangalore Football Stadium . This year’s Edition will be played on Knock- Out basis with 65 Participation Teams.All the matches will be played for 30- Minutes half. If in case a match ends with a draw, the winner will be declared via tie- breaker. No extra time rule is applied here

The finalists ( top two teams) will be promoted to B division

Special awards 

 - Best upcoming goal-keeper: Shashwath (Blitz)
 - Defender: Paul (Bangalore Independent)
 - Mid-fielder: Vinay (Tilak Memorial)
 - Forward: Zabi (Bangalore Independent)
 - Top-scorer: Ranjan (Blitz), 10 goals
 - Referee of the year: Michael 
 - Assistant referee of the year: C Leo  

League Table

Bangalore B Division Fixtures





Match Report


8:00 AM

Bangalore Reds v/s City Club 

2 - 0

Bangalore Reds:Damu Cariappa-12, Satya-59


9:30 AM

BHEL v/s Vinayaka

0 - 3

Vinayaka:Md. Tohit-12, Afan-20, Saif-28  


10:45 AM

Vel Socials v/s Young Challengers 

1- 2

 Vel Socials:Arun-54  Young Challengers: Stalin-56, Vikram-59 


1:00 PM

 Bangalore Boys v/s United FC 

1(4) -1(3)

Bangalore Boys:Debangshu Seal-19; tie-breaker: Tony, Madan, Shiv Prakash, Arvind

United FC B/wadi: Mahesh-45; tie-breaker: David, Prem, Mahesh


2:30 PM

Nandaprabu Kempegowda  v/s Rangers 

0(2) -0(3)

Nandaprabu Kempegowda: tie breaker: Arun, Naveen 
Rangers:tie breaker: Christopher, Jack, Glenn  


3:45 PM

IISC v/s South India 

Match was not played as both the teams failed to show up. 


1:00 PM

Excelsior v/s Bharath Matha 

2(4) -2(3)

Excelsior:Sushruth-21,Shreyank-40; tie-breaker: -Shreyank, Sushruth, Karthick, Bharth KV 
Bharath Matha : Shivarj-2, Vikas-19; tie breaker Amar, Arun, Shivarj 


2:30 PM

 Hampi Nagar  v/s  Bangalore Youngsters

4 - 1

Hampi Nagar:Dhruvakumar-20, Pritam-35, Ganesh-55, 57

Bangalore Youngsters:Naveen-54


3:45 PM

Chinnappa Garden v/ s Cresent 

0 - 3

Cresent:Chandrasekar-4, 35, Avinash-42


1:00 PM

Hindu Socials  v/s Town SC,Channapatna 

5- 0

Hindu Socials :Inderjit–24, 31, Dinakaran–34, Dilip–40, 42

21.8.20112:30 PMTilak Memorial v/s Jolly Brothers4 - 1Tilak Memorial:  Akilesh-4, 19, Kiran Kumar–48, Kisan–50 
Jolly Brothers: Manjunath-2 
21.8.20113:45 PMAmbedkar v/s  515 ABWS  
1 - 4Ambedkar: Sharath–15 
 515 ABWS: Alex–25, 32, 46 :first hatrick
22.8.20111:00 PMBinny FC v/s Sarvagna Nagar 
4 - 1Binny FC  (Rohit-22, Martin–37, Siju–40, Deepak-46
Sarvagna Nagar: Narendra–29
22.8.20112:30 PMHeroes Channapatna  v/s Vijayangar 
2 - 3Heroes Channapatna: Suresh Kumar–52, 54
Vijayangar: Samarth S–27, Amarjith Gowda–30, Naveen–16 
22.8.20113:45 PMVeterans v/s  Queens Star  
1 - 0Veterans:Prajwal–46 
23.8.20111:00 PMTriveni v/s Bosch  
3- 0Triveni: Bharathi Das–40, 43, Sandeep–50 
23.8.20112:30 PMVivekananda  v/s Bentex 
2 - 1 Vivekananda: Manju–16, Vinodh–27 
 Bentex: Amith–32
23.8.20113:45 PMMaharaja Socials v/s Konkan 
2 - 1 Maharaja Socials:Rapheal–11, Shanmugam–32 
Konkan: Vergese-7 
24.8.20111:00 PMActive Union v/s Nethaji0 - 3Nethaji:  Sharath–25, Vinodh Kumar-27, Satish–29
24.8.20112:30 PMIncome tax v/s BTM FC0 - 8BTM FC:Lohith–19, 43, 56 59, Rakesh–23, Prithvi–26, 49, Khalid–43  
24.8.20113:45 PMNew Lucky Star v/s Shining Star  
1 - 3New Lucky Star: Pradeep R–10 
Shining Star:Nanda Kumar–15 Adarsh–40, 51  
28.8.20111:00 PMYoung Boys v/s Bangalore Wanderers
28.8.2011 2:30 PMBangalore Independents v/s Young Gems 

28.8.20113:45 PM Young Dynamos v/s Thamarai Kannan1 - 2Young Dynamos:  Lohith–29 
Thamarai Kannan: R Rakesh Kumar–22, Rajendran PL–36  
29.8.20111:00 PM Town FC v/s Universal 4 - 0Town FC: Hosakote: Ajmal Baig-20, 50, Arfmad Khan-32, S Dheeraj-55 
29.8.20112:30 PM Afgan v/s Bangalore Blues1:1 - 1:3Afgan:Rakesh-58 tiebreaker:Rakesh
Bangalore Blues:Aravind-12 tiebreaker Lohith Kumar, Vignesh , Aravind
29.8.20113:45 PM Bangalore Warriors v/s Blitz 0 - 7 Blitz:Deepak N-1, Ranjan MP-3, 26, Deepak D-6, 15 48 Vaibhv Ramesh-33   
30.8.20111:00 PMJJ FC v/s Basavanagudi FC 

  Basavanagudi FC: did not turn-up till 1.30 pm
30.8.20112:30 PM Vehicles v/s Navarathna 2 - 3Vehicles: Girish-28, Emanulla-38
Navarathna: Muragadass-6, 55, 60  hatrick
30.8.20113:45 PM Rabbani v/s La Masia 
Rabbani did not turn up till 4.30pm 
31.8.20111:00 PM Md Sporting v/s ITC 3:8 - 3:7Md Sporting:Gerad–19, John–28, 43 tie-breaker: Arun, Vijayakumar, Geff Sagayaraj, Abdul Waheed, Gerad, Devaraj, Krishna, John 
ITC: Sunil–32, 36, 39, tie-breaker: Amarnath, Joseph Kumar, Sunil, Srinivas, Babu Saha, Sendil, Rahul
31.8.20112:30 PM Misaka United v/s Eagles3 - 2Misaka United : Sendhil–18, 30, Deepak–23
Eagles:  Vinodh–17, Sunil–54
31.8.20113:45 PM East West v/s La Masia  2 - 1East West: Frijan – 46, 50 
La Masia: Sujay Noel–54
1:9:20111:00 PM Bangalore Reds v/s  Vinayaka 0 :4 - 0:2Bangalore Reds :tie-breaker: Cariappa, Manivanan, Sathynathan, Nagu 
Vinayaka: tie-breaker: Touhid, Zaib
1:9:20112:30 PM Young Challengers v/s United FC1:4 - 1:1Young Challengers:Stalin–50, tie-breaker: Nelson, Stalin, Divakar, Harish 
United FC, Banasawadi D Seal–25 tie-breaker: Subadeep Bose 
2.9.20118:00 AM Excelsior v/s Hampi Nagar 1 - 2 Excelsior:Aditya KV–43, 65  
2.9.20119:30 AM Crescent v/s Hindu Socials 
4 - 1Crescent : Chandrashekar 15, 17, 29 Hemanth-28 
Hindu Socials: Indrajith–19
2.9.201110:45 AM Tilak Memorial v/s  515 ABWS6 - 0Tilak Memorial:Milton-23, Abhilash–28, 29, Kiran S-31, Kiran M-45, Kiran-53 
2.9.20111:00 PMBinny FC v/s Vijayanagar1 - 0Binny FC: Ronith–58 
2.9.20112:30 PM Veterans v/s Triveni 1 - 2Veterans:  Prjawal–10, 23, Praveen-16, Naresh-28, Chethan-57  
Triveni: Bharathi Das–25   
2.9.20113:45 PM Vivekanand v/s Maharaja Socials 4 - 1Vivekanand :Dilip–35 Srinivas–40, 50, Manju–58 
 Maharaja Socials :Raphael Joseph–14
3.9.20111:00 PM Nethaji v/s BTM FC  0 - 4 BTM FC: Lohith–6, 17, 57 Akash–49
3.9.20112:30 PM Shining Stars v/s Young Boys1:3 - 1:1Shining Stars: Abhishek–23, tie-breaker: Aroikaraj, Praveen, Adarsh 
Young Boys:Chandrasekhar–25, tie-breaker: Darshan
3.9.20113:45 PM Bangalore Independents v/s Thamarai Kannan4 - 0Bangalore Independents:Shivakumar-24, Zabia–38, 57, Arun A–41
4.9.20111:00 PM Town SC, Hosakote v/s Bangalore Blues1 - 4 Town SC, Hosakote: Ajmal Baig-10 
Bangalore Blues: Arvind–32, Sathish–41, 44, Vignesh–45  
4.9.20152:30 PMBlitz v/s JJ FC 
 4 - 1Blitz:Ranjan 6, 9, 40, [hatrick], Mitesh–50 
JJ FC: Vijay Kumar–24 
4.9.20153:45 PMNavarathan v/s Mohd. Sporting 
1 - 2Navarathan: Nikhil–5 
Mohd. Sporting:Vijaya Kumar-47, Arun–59
5.9.20151:00 PM Misaka United v/s East West5 - 1Misaka United : Vijay–7, Deepak-15, 22, Sendhil–17 Denis–58
East West: Dilshan–23  
5.9.20112:30 PMBangalore Red v/s Young Challengers 
1 - 2Young Challengers: Stalin–37, 57, Nilson–59: Young Challengers enters Quarter Final    
5.9.20113:45 PM Rangers v/s Excelsior 0 - 2Excelsior:Sushruch–21, Aditya KV–53 :Excelsior enters Quarter Final 
6.9.20112:30 PM Binny SF v/s Veterans 0 - 4
6.9.20113:45 PM Vivekanada FC v/s BTM FC 0 - 4BTM FC:Mandeep-29 Rajesh-34, 51, Prashant-35 
7.9.20111:00 PM Crescent v/s Tilak Memorial  0 - 4Re-match
7.9.20113:30 PM Bangalore Independent v/s Shining Star3 - 0Bangalore Independent: Vinodh–4, Shiva-13, James–35
7.9.20114:30 PMBlitz  v/s  Bangalore Blues
0 - 4Blitz : Ranjan–5, 26, 42, Narendra-20, Anand–45 
7.9.20116:30 PM Mohd. Sporting v/s Misaka United  3 - 0Mohd. Sporting: Arun–42, Gerad–55, 63

The teams Qualified for Semi Finals which was held on 9th Septmeber at 8 am is Young Challengers - Tilak Memorial and Second semi finals team is Bangalore Independent -Blitz held at 9:30 am

Winners of the C division 

Bangalore Independent  :Tie-breaker - Ravibabu, Shiva Kumar, Kiran, Ramesh, and Nagaraj 

Runners up 

Tilak Memorial  :Tie-breaker - Kiran Kumar, M Kiran, Pradeep, Binay 

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