BDFA Bangalore A Division 2014-15


Bangalore "A" Division League features 10 teams of Bangalore trying to earn promotion to the Super Division. The league is played in a single leg format in which all he teams play agianst the others once. Matches are played at the Bangalore Football Stadium, Ashok Nagar at 2PM. Watch out for the latest fixtures, daily updated tables, scores and scorers here on our website

Income Tax6501194+1516
Bangalore Eagles52301012-26
JAwahar Union5131912-34
Tilak Memorial5140914-53


SL NO      




MATCH   BETWEEN              



      19.2.2015      MON1:30 PM        KSP v/s SAI0 - 1SAI:Neeraj Singh-49'  
TUE1:30 PMAGORC v/s Income Tax
1 - 3
Income Tax:Jaganath-2',Shivakumar-58',Joseph-70'
WED1:30 PMBangalore Independents v/s Bangalore Eagles
3 - 2
Bangalore Independents:Raghu-13',58',Surender-80'+2'
Bangalore Eagles: Satish-30',41'
SAT1:30 PMSAI v/s AGORC6 - 0
SAI:Neeraj Singh-24',43',T Bhutia-34',Deepak Singh-44',Goutam Singh-70',Rajib Singh-76'
SUN1:30 PMJawahar Union v/s BUFC
1 - 4
Jawahar Union:Dhruv Warrior-70' 
BUFC:Clivert- 72' 
MON1:30 PM LRDE  v/s Tilak Memorial 4 - 1
LRDE:Edwin George-52',Saravana Lokesh-60',Murthy-79', Ganesh-80'+1' 
Tilak Memorial:Goutham -73'
TUE1:30 PMIncome Tax v/s KSP 1 - 1
Income Tax: Manojkumar-71' 
FRI1:30 PMKSP  v/s Bangalore Eagles
1 - 4
Bangalore Eagles:Sathishkumar,Stephen-55',69'; Sunil-68''
1 - 3
BUFC:Olorun Femi Gmma-1',7',38'
    10 24.2.2015 
TUE1:30 PMBangalore Independents  v/s Tilak Memorial
2 - 1
Bangalore Independents:Zabi-2', Shivakumar-53' 
Tilak Memorial:Rajesh-13'
WED1:30 PMSAI  v/s Jawahar Union
5 - 1
SAI:Neeraj Singh-26',49',57',66',Sabir Khan-91' 
Jawahar Union:Athul-10'  
THU1:30 PMBUFC v/s Bangalore Eagles 2 - 0BUFC:Madhu-63',Clivert-69'
FRI1:30 PMKSP v/s LRDE1 - 0
SAT1:30 PMBangalore Independents  v/s SAI
1 - 1
Bangalore Independents:Leo-36'
SAI:Md. Razak-37' 
     151.3.2015SUN1:30 PMAGORC v/s Tilak Memorial
4 - 1
AGORC:Nabeel-8', 55', Santhosh-5',17'
Tilak Memorial:Rajesh-71' 
MON1:30 PMIncome Tax v/s LRDE
5 - 0
Income Tax:Joseph Daniel-46',57',AD Kumar-63',Stephen-79',Jaganathan-80'+1'
TUE1:30 PMKSP v/s Jawahar Union      
1 - 0KSP:Pradeep Sr.-56
FRI1:30 PMBangalore Independents  v/s BUFC
2 - 4
Bangalore Independents:Emmanuel-28', Leo-39' 
BUFC:Naresh-21',34', Zabi-26', 55' OG-Leo 
SAT1:30 PMIncome Tax  v/s Bangalore Eagles
4 - 1
Income Tax:Joseph Daniel- 6',4',Shivakumar-28', Lokesh M -66' 
Bangalore Eagles:Praveen David-40'
SUN8:00 AMTilak Memorial: Darshan  v/s SAI
3 - 4
Tilak Memorial: Darshan-4',12',Ahmed-39' 
SAI:Goutham Singh-30', Deepak Singh-49', 51', Neeraj Singh-53' 
SUN10:00 AMAGORC v/s Jawahar Union 2 -2
AGORC:Janaki Ram-17',Nabeel-80'+2'
Jawahar Union:Ajith-57', 60'   
SUN1:30 PMBangalore Independents v/s LRDE0 - 1LRDE:Satish-54'
     23 9.3.2015
MON3:30 PMKSP v/s BUFC 0 - 4BUFC:Naresh-21',34', Zabi-26',55'OG -Leo
TUE1:30 PMTilak Memorial v/s Income Tax0 - 3 Income Tax: Shivakumar-26', Stevenson-47', AD Kumar-76'
WED1:30 PMAGORC v/s Bangalore Eagles 2 - 3AGORC:Nabeel -36', Raju-61'
Bangalore Eagles: Satishkumar-42', 46', Stephen-55'
THU1:30 PM LRDE v/s SAI 2 - 5LRDE: Satish-55', 59' 
SAI: Neeraj Singh-28', 47', 61, Sabir Khan-27', Rajib Deb-41'
FRI1:30 PM
Bangalore Independents v/s Jawahar Union0 - 4Jawahar Union:Zaib Shariff-10', 31, Ajith Miranda-27', 40'  
SAT1:30 PM
Income Tax v/s BUFC 3 - 1 Income Tax:Stevanson-12', 14', Shivakumar-36' 
 BUFC: Emmanuel-38'
TUE1:30 PM
Tilak Memorial v/s Bangalore Eagles 1 - 2Tilak Memorial:Gowtham Sr.-24' 
 Bangalore Eagles: Satish Kumar-36', Stephen-62'
WED1:30 PMKSP v/s AGORC 2 - 2KSP: Pradeep Jr.-7', Arunkumar-36'
AGORC: Janaki Ram-6', 30'
THU1:30 PMJawahar Union  v/s LRDE 0 - 2 LRDE:Satish-4', Edwin George-28'
FRI1:30 PMIncome Tax v/s SAI 0 - 2SAI: Sunil Subba-50', Deepak Singh-54'
SAT1:30 PMTilak Memorial v/s BUFC 1 - 4Tilak Memorial:Gowthm-57' 
BUFC:Clivert -11', 37', Naresh-16, Raksh-70'
SUN8:00 AMLRDE  v/s Bangalore Eagles  2 - 2 LRDE: Satish-49', 51'
 Bangalore Eagles: Sharathkumar-56', Stephen-75'
SUN10:00 AMBangalore Independents v/s AGORC 2 - 2Bangalore Independents:Shivakuamr-31', Santhosh-77'
AGORC:Santosh-33', Prabhu-35' 
SUN1:30 PM Income Tax v/s Jawahar Union  7- 0Income Tax :AD Kumar-25', Shivakumar-39', Manojkumar-40', Stevenson-45', 51', Jaganathan-60', ChentanKuamr-75' 
MON1:30 PMKSP v/s Tilak Memorial 
WED1:30 PMBangalore Independents v/s Income Tax 
THU1:30 PMJawahar Union v/s Bangalore Eagles 
3:30 PMKSP v/s Bangalore Independents 
SAT8:00 AMBangalore Eagles v/s SAI 
SAT1:30 PMJawahar Union v/s Tilak Memorial

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