BDFA Bangalore A Division 2012-13

Event Information

Bangalore "A" Division League features 12 teams of Bangalore competing for the top two spots to gain promotion to the Super Division League while the bottom 4 teams shall be relegated to the "B" Division. The league would be played in a single leg format where all the teams play each other once. All the matches shall be played at the Bangalore Football Stadium, Ashok Nagar. We at Dream United provide you live scores and match reports. Bookmark this space for an exciting league through our eyes.

League Table

Jawahar union(Champion)85211911816
Bangalore Kickers8341821-1310
Bangalore Mars8350161429

BDFA Bangalore A Division Fixtures





Match Report

2nd Dec 20121:00Bangalore Mars - Jawahar Union1 - 2Bangalore Mars:P Mani-80
Jawahar Union:Dhruv-39, 40
3rd Dec 20131:00LRDE - SAI1 - 1LRDE:Kiran-76
4th Dec 20131:00AGORC - ISRO1 - 1AGORC:Manju-37
5th Dec 20121:00CIL - Bangalore Kickers2 - 3CIL:Prathap-27, Karthick-60
Bangalore Kickers:Dayanand-9, Suraj-32, Surjith Singh-76
6th Dec 20131:00BUFC - Jawahar Union1 - 1BUFC:Achutya-36
Jawahar Union:Chintan-52
7th Dec 20131:00Bangalore Mars - LRDE3 - 2Bangalore Mars:P Mani-3, 43, Gururaj-59
LRDE:Murthy-52, Kiran-78
8th Dec 20121:00SAI - AGORC1 - 1SAI:Santosh-37
9th Dec 20121:00BUFC - Bangalore Kickers1- 2BUFC:Ali-75
Bangalore Kickers:Suraj-70, Dayananda-79
10th Dec 20121:00CIL - ISRO2 - 0CIL:Chand Pasha-58, 78
11th Dec 20121:00LRDE - Jawahar Union4 - 0LRDE:Edwin George-27, Vidyasagar-36, Chandrakumar-56, Kiran-82
12th Dec 20121:00AGORC - Bangalore Mars2 - 1AGORC:Muralidharan-52, Lokmon Singh-76
Bangalore Mars:Stalin-25
13th Dec 20121:00SAI - BUFC0 - 1BUFC:Akbar Ali-23
14th Dec 20121:00Bangalore Kickers - ISRO1 - 0Bangalore Kickers:Dayanand-58
15th Dec 20121:00Jawahar Union - CIL3 - 2Jawahar Union:Nixon-40, 42, Arun-56
CIL:Chanda Pasha-43, 80
16th Dec 20121:00LRDE - BUFC0 - 0
17th Dec 20121:00Bangalore Mars - SAI0 - 2SAI:Paoneo Haokip-29, Saroj Roy-73
18th Dec 20121:00AGORC - Bangalore Kickers1 - 1AGORC:Praveen-33
Bangalore Kickers:Dayananda-74
19th Dec 20121:00Jawahar Union - ISRO3 - 1Jawahar Union:Desai-3, Arun-36, 72
20th Dec 20121:00CIL - LRDE1 - 0CIL:Pradeep-77
21st Dec 20121:00Bangalore Kickers - Bangalore Mars0 - 2Bangalore Mars:Alex-32, 80+4
22nd Dec 20121:00AGORC - BUFC0 - 0
23rd Dec 20121:00Jawahar Union - SAI1 - 2Jawahar Union:Desai- 65
SAI:Rafiv Dev-35, Saroj Roy-47
24th Dec 20121:00LRDE - ISRO4 - 0LRDE:Kiran-12, 60, Saravana Lokesh-52, Edwin George-68
25th Dec 20121:00Bangalore Mars - CIL1 - 2Bangalore Mars:Alex-12
CIL:Pradeep-46, 80
26th Dec 20121:00AGORC - Jawahar Union0 - 1Jawahar Union:Rahul Setty-50
27th Dec 20121:00Bangalore Kickers - SAI0 - 4SAI:Sudershan-27, Rajib-35, 44, Saroj Roy-73
28th Dec 20121:00BUFC - ISRO4 - 1BUFC:Clivert-15, 51, Anand-70, 78
29th Dec 20121:00AGORC - CIL0 - 1CIL:Chand Pasha-63
30th Dec 20121:00BUFC - Bangalore Mars3 - 2BUFC:Choti-40+1, Clivert-43, Rakesh-71
Bangalore Mars:Jhon Gilbert-9, U Babu-14
31st Dec 20121:00LRDE - Bangalore Kickers3 - 1LRDE:Solomon Raj-8, Stalin-60, 78
Bangalore Kickers:Puneeth-38
1st Jan 20131:00SAI - ISRO5 - 0SAI:Poneo Haokip-28, Saroj Roy-20, 77, Vicky-65, Vignesh-74
2nd Jan 20131:00Jawahar Union - Bangalore Kickers8 - 0Jawahar Union:Saravana-4, Arun-19, 22, 57, Barry-25, Desai-33, Rahul-42, 59
3rd Jan 20131:00CIL - BUFC1 - 1CIL:Vivekananda-12
4th Jan 20131:00AGORC - LRDE1 - 0AGORC:Muralidharan-31
5th Jan 20131:00CIL - SAI1 - 0CIL:Kanika Raj-43
6th Jan 20131:00Bangalore Mars - ISRO6 - 1Bangalore Mars:U Babu-3, 60, Alex-16, 40, 43, Shabu-51

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