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Personnel and Processes are our core pillars built upon strong values of perseverance and patience. 

Dream United Football Academy is only for the dedicated players who want to develop as football players and accomplished individuals. Our promise to all players is to give them a fair chance of competing at globally accepted levels.

Dream United was formed with the intention to give players the best facilities and treatment after looking at the existing norms in Indian football. Personal experiences of Sharath Kamath and Abhishek Jagan have gone a long way in righting the wrongs in Indian Sports. Lead by example is what our founders have shown the players in performing on the pitch and off the pitch at academics

We encourage and emphasize to play tough football in practice. After all, what we do in practice is what we do on matchday. Our competence in injury prevention, injury management and return to sport protocol sets us apart from the rest. 

Value of Sports Science

The Academy follows an innovative training programme backed by sports science.

This implies that the performance of players is analysed and enhanced by tracking each aspect from nutrition to rate of perceived exertion.

By following an intensive training programme, it is ensured that players push their limits while at the same time, injury prevention techniques are implemented on the field and rehabilition programmes are also provided along with adequate recovery processes.

The players follow an ideal nutritional regime designed to support the rigorous training programme. 

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